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Welcome to INSIGHT Youth Services. We are an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people in the South Coast of Massachusetts by promoting healthy living and educational attainment. This year, we are broadening our services to include a number of new workforce development activities such as GED preparation, job training programs and case management. These services are sponsored by a grant from the Workforce Investment Board and New Directions Southcoast, Inc. INSIGHT is getting a new fresh look and has some great newly renovated space so come check us out at 360 Coggeshall Street from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

In addition to the workforce development programs, we will continue to provide the Green Brigade, INSIGHT afterschool programs, support groups, counseling, career exploration activities and much more. Come down check us out and meet the team. You can call us at 508-979-1580. We are looking for people to volunteer at our front desk and other projects we are doing. If you are interested in getting involved with something positive, click here to download the Volunteer application:

Insight Youth Services Volunteer Application


INSIGHT Youth Services was established in 1996 with a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public health to provide support services to young people who were affected by substance abuse and HIV. The project began upstairs from the Casa de Saudade in the South end of New Bedford and moved to the INSIGHT Teen Center located at St. Anne’s on Brock Avenue in 2000. The program moved back to 360 Coggeshall in 2007 where it is now located. INSIGHT Youth Services is the youth services arm of Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction, Inc. (PAACA), a United Way agency.

We recognize that substance abuse and other risk behaviors affect all young people regardless of economic status, educational, or cultural background; however, we also know that the negative effects of those risk behaviors are significantly more difficult for the poor.

Our Guiding Principles:

Empathy / We meet people “where they are at” in a non-judgmental way to provide needed supports. We are attentive and focused upon the individuals and their experience, and we provide them with a supportive environment.

Accountability / We value self-awareness, reliability, and responsibility and see these characteristics as essential for future success. We provide a safe and consistent environment where members are challenged to maintain a clear focus upon their goals, with support from their network of caring individuals.

Trust / INSIGHT is a safe place where individuals can express their feelings, worries, opinions and dreams without fear of reprisal. By working together, we value “keeping it real” in a way that honesty, openness, caring and support is a “two-way street” of critical importance for all our members.

Success / We believe that by living by these principles, combined with hard work, we will foster opportunities for members to develop leadership, find their passion and revolutionize the future.

INSIGHT’s Mission is to work with young people to help strengthen their Coping skills, Achievement, Resources, and Educational attainment to overcome challenges in their lives. We do this by meeting young people where they are at and designing an individual success plan tailored to their individual needs that includes educational support, mentoring/case management, career planning and other support services.