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Step Up Housing Program

Program Overview

   The Step Up Housing Program is designed to create permanent housing opportunities buy providing a temporary rental subsidy and a rigorous self development program

Housing services provided and client requirements include but are not limited to:

 - Intensive Case Management Services

 - Random Urinalysis

 - Individual Treatment Plans

 - Home Visits

 - Job readiness training

 - Education

Admission Criteria

   The Step Up Housing Program is available to all individuals and families who experienced homelessness and a disability. Applicants applying for acceptance into the program must possess one or more of the following impediments/disabilities and meet program standards to be considered as a qualified candidate:


 - Mental Health

 - Substance Abuse

 - HIV/Hepatitis C

 - Physical Disabilities


 - Participants must be homeless and referred by an agency counselor or case manager

 - Participants affected by addiction must have at least 6 months of continued sobriety (clean time) that is            verifiable through agency and/or urinalysis

 - Completion of an approved structured recovery program and must adhere to current recovery plan

 - Prior criminal record does not necessarily disqualify you

At a minimum clients are required to submit to:

 - Case Management Services

 - Drug screenings

 - Home visits

 - Individual Service Plan

 - Counseling

Residential Services

   The Step Up Housing Program is made possible by HUD grants. Step Up provides housing and supportive services for people transitioning from homelessness and are actively engaged in training or education. The programs give participants the skills and support necessary to overcome homelessness...permanently

Step Up Program provides:

 - Housing Subsidy

 - Job readiness / skills training

 - Case Management Services

 - Educational Support

 - Job Readiness Training

   This program is a tested and proven approach to clinical rehabilitation and vocational/educational services. The goal of this multidimensional effort is the re-try into the workforce of displaced, disabled, and other populations who are in transition. This effort combines job readiness training, volunteer involvement, and peer led supportgroups to provide skills and support necessary to achieve program goal. This is inclusive of an individuals treatment plan. The PAACA Step Up Housing Program is designed to create permanent housing opportunities coupled with a rental subsidy and a rigorous self-development program.

For more information, please contact

Brenda Souza

Clinical Director

508-997-9051 (Office) b.souza@paaca.org

A special thanks to those whose support and financial assistance make the PAACA Step Up Program possible:

 - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

 - City of New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell

 - Members of the Homeless Service Providers Network