How it all began…



PAACA BUILDING(The Agnes Braz/Hope Bean Memorial Building)


PAACA began in the basement of what was then St. Anne’s Rectory in the South end of New

Bedford. A group of caring individuals, who happened to be recovering from addiction, decided to

take Positive Action and do something to promote recovery in the City. They did this by providing

a connection to those seeking to find recovery one person at a time, one day at a time, sharing

their experience, strength and hope. From that point on, tens of thousands of lives have been

touched directly and indirectly by their work and the work of those who followed.


Over the years, the agency has expanded its reach and scope to better serve the community by

adding empowerment programs that build hope like youth development, employment and training,

housing, education and support programs. That work doesn’t happen without hundreds of

volunteers, staff, government leaders, law enforcement, educators, and clergy who have been

working tirelessly with PAACA to make HOPE happen.