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Positive Action Against Chemical Addiction

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Adult Services

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12-Step Meetings at PAACA

Monday – Friday       

                  8:00am                  AM Recovery AA Meeting

                10:00am                  Morning Message NA Meeting

                12:00pm                  New Beginnings AA meeting

Monday                   7:00pm                 United We Stand (NA)

Tuesday                  7:00pm                 Steppin’ Up 1, 2, 3 (NA)

Wednesday            7:00pm                  Man-Up Steps & Tradition (NA)

Thursday                7:00pm                  Basic Text (NA)

Friday                      7:00pm                  Addicts Unite (NA)

Saturday               10:00am                  Morning Message (NA)

   5:00pm                  Brothers in Arms (AA)

Sunday                  10:00AM                  Simply Serene (NA)       

                                 7:00pm                  Just for Today (NA)


PAACA Meetings

Parenting Group                                 Monday           2:00 –3:00

Anger Management Group               Wednesday    2:00 – 3:00

Relapse Prevention Group                Wednesday    3:00 -  4:00